Our History_

BlackSnow is a high level engineering consulting firm specialising in using advanced engineering tools to analyse and solve real world problems.

BlackSnow has strong links with the leaders of technical community throughout the world, BlackSnow works with national and international companies, Defence forces and start-ups to grow international businesses and strategic alliances.

Founded in 2010, as a subsidiary of Medical Device Research Australia, BlackSnow has worked with its clients to maximise business and policy opportunities presented by the defence community and to manage downside risks posed by materiel and logistics. Clients range from new economy, Governments and well-established organisations that wish to further incorporate advanced engineering tools to analyse and solve real world problems that will provide greater productivity and future corporate development.

With years of experience working with senior engineering teams in the private and public sectors, BlackSnow offers:

  • Counselling to Engineering Design Managers on strategic planning and specific strategy problems in specific engineering fields
  • Cutting edge analytical, operational and project management service to counter persistent downside engineering design issues
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of design and development of new designs
  • Strategic technology evaluation and analysis
  • Linking of technology implementation to business process redesign
  • Industry analysis and forecasting of trends
  • Advise on business development and commercialisation of ideas
  • Development and implementation of engineering strategies

Our industry expertise includes services to the Defence, Industrial and general engineering sectors. BlackSnow specialises in using advanced engineering tools, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to analyse and solve real world problems. Often such problems are unique and complex, but tackling the challenge of finding a simple and elegant solution is BlackSnow’s specialty.