What we do_

Blacksnow is an integrated professional engineering consulting group. The company’s highly specialist expertise brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and extensive practical and when required, on-site experience.

Core capabilities offered by the Blacksnow team include:

  • Finite element analysis (FEA) – linear/non‑linear, static/dynamic, impact, thermal/structural, fatigue, complex material behaviour, blast and ballistics.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis – blast modelling, gas dispersion etc.
  • Individual and crowd modelling used in the assessment of human environmental interaction and in unexpected event simulations (fires, gas leaks etc.)
  • Fluid structure interaction– Blast modelling
  • Advanced coupled numerical methods which are used in the assessment of dynamic systems, fretting/wear simulations, remaining life assessments and extreme event simulations
  • Development of code/methodology to meet client’s unique solution requirements
  • Mechanical testing – a broad range of Standards testing (ISO & ASTM etc.), compression, tension, bending and development of new tests to meet clients needs.
How we do it_

With an understanding of the challenges our clientele face, employs numerical techniques including FEA, CFD and first principles programming to meet these unique challenges via:

  • Use of verified and validated numerical methods to obtain the design outcomes that in the past required the use of physical testing. This reduces costs, time and can lead to a better product
  • Modeling complex systems to gain an understanding of the underlying behaviour
  • Optimising safety, reliability and efficiency through a better understanding of both the individual component behaviors and the system as a whole
  • The ability to create a dynamic simulation of complex human behaviour, enabling the client to better understand the outcome and optimise the system’s response to this behaviour.

Blacksnow utilises some of the world’s leading simulation software, analysis and test systems and we are able to advise on the best solutions to meet our client’s analysis requirements.