Body armour analysis

This project was a joint effort with the Defence Science and Technology organisation. A software tool was developed to help the Australian Defence Force (ADF) procure the latest and best body armour for Australian soldiers. The result was an optimised size and position for armour plate to best protect their dismounted soldiers.


Effects on human brain due to blast effects

This project was used to gain an understanding of how the human brain would respond in a situation where they have been in close proximity to a blast.
The outcome showed how the pressure wave was transmitted to the brain and surrounding fluid which then undergo many different strains. Surprisingly some are tensile strains. The transmission of the shockwave through the fluid will cause a cavitation effect. Cavitation effects are known to fragment the surrounding material the encloses the liquid transporting the shockwave. This project resulted in providing more insight into how shockwaves interact with the human body and in particular brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid.