Noise reduction barrier model preparation

This project was to help generate the geometry that would be used to analyse the foundations of a noise barrier wall. Natural and traffic wind loads were causing issues with the walls and the foundations were found to be in jeopardy. Analysis was performed and the foundations were optimised in the analysis to mitigate the overloading situation. The modelling results were used in the preparation of new foundations and fixation of the noise barriers


Oil rig jacket footing model preparation

This project was a team effort in developing the footing of a large fixed oil rig jacket. Undersea loads are enormous and it is critical that the right procedures are followed in positioning a footing and also to make sure the load transfer to the footing is applied correctly. This analysis was used to determine what stresses are needed to be minimised in order for the footing to maintain its integrity during its sinking and filling with ballast. The result of the analysis was optimal location and dimensions of the internal stiffness members in the jacket’s footing.